Easter Law Session

The Easter Law Session at Oriel College, offers participants a two week programme focusing on a variety of Law topics, including: Legal Theory, UK Contract and Corporate Law, World Trade Organization, International Taxation & Intellectual Property Rights.

Easter Economics and Business Session

The Easter Economics & Business Session at Oriel College, offers participants a two week programme focusing on a variety of business and economic topics, including: Business Strategy, Behavioural Economics, World Trade Organisation, Financial Crises and Crashes & International Taxation.

Science & Technology Programme

This exclusive programme will give participants the opportunity to attend lectures focusing on mathematics, physics, and cosmology. They would interact with professors and faculty form the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge and know the most recent research they’re involved.

English Literature & Academic Writing

CBL International Oxford English Academic Writing Programme is a 4-week tailor-made programme giving students the great opportunity to study academic writing, literature, linguistics and creative writing in Oxford (UK). All lectures are held at Oriel College (University of Oxford, UK).

Economics & Business

Learn the nature and scope of management within international economic enterprises. Through contemporary studies about the awareness of major challenges facing future globalisation, you will learn to improve cultural sensitivity in a multicultural environment and develop skills of managing cultural differences so that international businesses can be effectively managed.


This outstanding summer school offers delegates to participate in seminars and tutorials to learn more about International Business Law, International Taxation, Intellectual Property Rights, UK Contract Law, European Business Law, and other cutting-edge law disciplines.

Philosophy, Politics & Economics Programme

During this programme, delegates will appreciate our strong focus on philosophy, politics and international economical related topics. They are free to explore on many research areas and may examine the implications of human decision-making, the consequences of the competitive market economy, but also the relationships between the economic, political and legal orders.